My Hero Academia season3 episode21 spoilers!

僕のヒーローアカデミア3期第21話ネタバレ! Anime

The strength of Gang Orca

The hero committee are having a meeting about the content of examination this year. All Might retired and the committee are worried about the hero society from now on. The 2nd exam should be a test that requires cooperation said the upper committee. All Might retire and Endeavor become the top hero, but Endeavor is almost the opposite to All Might in terms of attitude and makes the people more unsafe. It is rare having a hero with a charisma and the committee decided to strengthen the cooperation of each hero rather than waiting for the second All Might-like hero to pop up.

Gang Orca acting as a Villain in the second exam were one of the top hero joined the On for All incident and the examinee were forced to engage while rescuing. Gang Orca appeared near the evacuation area where the rescued people gathering. Shindo uses his quirk Vibrate to stand against Orca, but were defeated by one blow.

Gang Orca vs Todoroki Inasa

Gang Orca defeated Shindo with single shot, and the evacuation site is in danger. Todoroki and Inasa the examinee with a high potential at fighting came to the evacuation site. Todoroki use his quirk to freeze Orca but deflected by hypersonic wave but able to freeze Orca’ subordinates. While the subordinates of Orca freeze other examinee evacuates the people in the site.

Inasa uses hi quirk gust and attack Orca, but the wing causes to free the Villains from the ice. Todoroki glare at Inasa and Inasa also glare back to Todoroki, it seems Inasa hating Todoroki but Todoroki don’t know why. Both of them attempt attacking the Villain but it tends to combine and nullify both attacks.

What the F

The quirk of Todoroki and Inasa were bad in combination and it became useless when combined. While both are arguing with each other they receiving a deduction in points. Inasa referred Todoroki were using the flame to distract Inasa and Todoroki doing such things because he were the son of Endeavor.

Inasa admired Endeavor when he was a kid and wanted to be a hero as him. And Inasa ask Endeavor for an autograph but denied flip away the pen and glare at Inasa. Endeavor’s attitude left a young boy with a scar on his heart.

After several years Inasa were attempting for an entrance examination of U.A. and met the son of Endeavor Todoroki. Inasa thought it would be good if he can befriend with but Todoroki annoyed and refused Inasa. Inasa recall Endeavor form the eye of Todoroki and also started to hate Todoroki. Both are still struggling with each other and about to drag in Shindo. Midoriya able to save Shindo and scolded Inasa and Todoroki.

Time is up

Gang Orca struck Todoroki and Inasa. Inasa hit by the hypersonic wave attack of Orca and Todoroki also grabbed by neck and hit in a zero distance, both of them are collapse in the ground. Midoriya came back after evacuating Shindo and attacked but Orca able to guard. Other examinee were started gathering and eliminating Orca’ subordinates. Todoroki and Inasa were immobilized but able to use their quirk to attack Gang Orca, their quirk combined and created tornado of flame unintendedly and struck the Villains. While they are fighting with Gang Orca the rescue finished and the 2nd exam ended.