My Hero Academia season3 episode23 spoilers!

僕のヒーローアカデミア3期第23話ネタバレ! Anime


Bakugo ordered to fight, Midoriya insisted and suggested to fight either in the training room or within the training class. But Bakugo denied the suggestion because if they did it that way they will be stopped once they fight seriously. Bakugo want to know what did All Might look after Midoriya and started to attack. Bakugo admires All Might and he can’t understand why All Might chose Midoriya as successor.

Bakugo attacking Midoriya and Midoriya just guarding the attack and not attempting to fight back. Midoriya still persuade Bakugo to stop fighting, Bakugo ignores and continue attacking. While they are fighting patrol robot saw and immediately reported to Aizawa. Aizawa were surprised and headed to them but someone stopped him. Midoriya and Bakugo still fighting, Midoriya delivers a kick to block Bakugo’s attack, Bakugo dropped and Midoriya lend a hand worryingly.

Bakugo insist and crying “how came you surpass me, and why im the one who were kidnapped and troubled All Might, and let him ended, im the one who ended All Might.”

Midoriya vs Bakugo

Bakugo’s emotion can only be taken by fight, Midoriya understand his emotion and decided to face it. Midoriya use his full cowl Midoriya also wanted to know how he can fight against Bakugo with his shoot style.

A serious fight between Midoriya and Bakugo started. Bakugo rushed Midoriya not giving a time to think, Midoriya sees the action of Bakugo and predicting the next attack, but Bakugo were too fast Midoriya’s mind cant keep up with and received a body blow knocked to a guardrail. Midoriya cant counter against the rush of Bakugo.

Midoriya started to counter with unconsciously raising his full cowl from 5% up to 8% and rushing Bakugo. Bakugo receive a kick from Midoriya and started to notice his strength. Midoriya surpasses Bakugo and continue rushing and his speed is getting faster. Bakugo cant stand against 8% full cowl. Midoriya jumped to release a kick, Bakugo thought he could win in the air but it was a bait, Bakugo fight against kick style of Midoriya and was thought it was a kick but Midoriya release a punch. Bakugo received the punch but using his explosion he able to switch position with Midoriya grab and stomped in to the ground. Bakugo barely win against Midoriya but Bakugo received more damage than Midoriya.

All Might reveal his secret to Bakugo

Bakugo won the fight against Midoriya and the person who stopped Aizawa appeared in front of them. All Might watched the whole thing and regret he did not able to notice Bakugo. Bakugo asked why All Might chose Midoriya, answered Midoriya was a hero than any other and by giving chance to him which was a quirkless, All Might recognized Bakugo as a strong person thus he chose Midoriya. Bakugo continuously blame himself.

All Might embrace Bakugo and explained he is not the reason why he lost One for All. Both emotion of saving people and emotion of winning against other are necessary in a hero. Both of them fight know the emotion of each other, now both of you can accept each other and aiming a best hero said All Might.

Bakugo continue ask question to All Might who else know the secret, and promised to not to tell others about. All Might tells he is the one who should to promise to keep those secret, and tells the history and the power of One for All to Bakugo.

Midoriya and Bakugo suspended

All Might bring Midoriya and Bakugo to the infirmary and Aizawa came along. Aizawa were mad about the two and All Might explained about the happening. Aizawa understands but it needed a punishment and dedicate a 3 days suspension to Midoriya and 4 days for Bakugo. The two clean the dorm while in suspension, while cleaning Midoriya asked impression about the shoot style. Bakugo commented he bearely react and is not good against rush situation. But was annoyed with the punch in the last and Bakugo admit Midoriya.