Promised Neverland (Yakusoku no Neverland) ep6 spoiler!

約束のネバーランド1期第6話ネタバレ! Anime

Morse code

Norman Emma Rei were having a meeting about the escape. The plan is divided in 3 stages, first is to escape from the orphanage, and second is the escape route after leaving the orphanage, and the third is how to survive the outer area. The first stage is at its progression by the training using the game of tag. And now they need to gather information of the outer area to plan for escape route. At that time Don and Gilda are about to enter the secret room but the room was locked, Don act playing and steal the key from mama. They enter the room and they see a doll of the children shipped and a phone. Don and Gilda noticed Norman hiding about the true meaning of children leaving the orphanage.

Norman Emma Rei were searching for information of the outer world and Emma suddenly wanted to introduce someone and headed to the library. Emma bring a book written by Minerva from the library. There was an owl stamp encircled by a line and the line was a Morse code and the Morse code were encrypted with a words escape from the farm, demon. Among the book written by Minerva there were 3 book that cannot decode and they were thinking that there is some important information within those and headed to the dining room.

Emergency meeting

Norman Emma Rei were heading to the dining room and noticed Don and Gilda were missing. Emma look back and there were Don and Gilda from the corridor, Rei questioned Don where did they go, Don and Gilda remain silence. In the night they held an emergency meeting in the dining room. Rei again questioned Don and Gilda where did they go, Don answered with an awkward atmosphere they entered the secret room. Emma and Norman surprised and asked how they did, and is mama noticed about. Gilda says they managed to return the key unnoticed and its fine.

Rei get mad by the selfish act of Don and Gilda and said what they would do if there were either a camera, transmitter or microphone hidden in the room. Don frenzied and questioned the three they were still hiding something. Emma apologize and tell the truth about the orphanage. Don cannot accept the truth and punched Norman’s face, Rei interrupt and also receive a punch from Don.

Don were mad about the three hiding the truth rather the fact about the facility, he feels they were carried by the three and cannot help being a burden to them. Don went outside and cries, Gilda Emma Norman Rei came and talk about from now on and reconciled.

About the outer world

Emma and Norman were hanging the washing in the morning. Emma is happy reveal the secret to Don and Gilda and never feel guild about. Emma ask Norman if Rei can led all the children for escape, Norman answered Rei will do it fine and reassure Emma. Emma still worry about the escape and suggested an escape plan to Norman, Norman feels some hope from the plan but insisted Emma not to tell Rei yet.

Norman received things that ask to Don and Gilda. Norman explained they will need those herbicide and detergent to survey the outer world. Norman Emma Don Gilda gathered at the forest and headed outside the wall to investigate the outer world, but the other concerned they still have their transmitter implanted but Norman did take a measure asking Rei to tell a false information to mama and not giving a chance of looking at the receiver.

Deal with Sister Krone

Norman Emma Don Gilda were having a talk in the forest and Rei already taking care of Mama. Emma Don Gilda were worried about sister Krone. Sister Krone would ship the children that know the secret to receive a prize and taking down Mama. Norman already have a plan for sister Krone and explain to the other while walking through forest.

The four were walking through forest and suddenly sister Krone appears. Sister Krone knew about the five were planning for escape, and saw the meeting last night. Sister Krone approach to Emma and offers a deal.