Promised Neverland (Yakusoku no Neverland) ep7 spoiler!

約束のネバーランド1期第7話ネタバレ! Anime

Sister Krone’s suggestion

Sister Krone suggested to tag with and explained the system behind the orphanage. The girl in the orphanage who reach 12 years old will be given a choice, either shipped and be a food for the demons, or aim to be a Mama. Giving a choice being a Mama has some requirements and that is getting a high score in the tests and recommendation from the mama in the orphanage. Person who met those criteria will be given a chance of surviving without escaping from the orphanage. Sister Krone were the surviving adult being a candidate for mama. But surviving as candidate are girls only, boys either they are talented they will be shipped.

After explaining the system behind, sister Krone also said its not a good thing surviving as mama, they will be implanted with chip that will electrocute once stepped outside of the designated area such as the orphanage. And if the death caused other than electrocute the signal will be sent to the demon. Sister Krone wanted the seat of the Mama for its pleasant life and Mama Isabella is an obstacle for Krone. If the children from the orphanage escape Mama will be taking responsibility and sister Krone will take over the position of Mama. Norman agreed with the suggestion and take the hand of sister Krone.

Taking advantage of Sister Krone

In the evening Rei joined Emma and Norman. Emma irritated by sister Krone taking the life of the children lightly even she is from the same facility. Gilda were taking the word of sister Krone that she wont ship the children involve the escape plan serious and thinking chance of escape become realistic, but Norman thinking that sister Krone WONT ship the children instead she CANT ship the children. Sister Krone is still young in her job and has no reliability from the demons, even she ship the five children to the demon the demon wont trust her words so she is finding some evidence of escape.

If sister Krone find an evidence of escape she will surely ship the children involved taking down Mama Isabella, if she really wanted to cooperate she will do it silently behind the scene. Sister Krone opens that she want to cooperate because she need the trust from the children to take the evidence of escape. Don worried about the rope which will be use in the escape, but Norman told that they can evade even sister Krone found the rope. But if they find the machine that will destroy the transmitter it will be a solid evidence of escape. But Rei said that the machine is not yet done and hidden. Norman were taking advantage of sister Krone acting they don’t know about the transmitter using her to survey the outer area. Norman were confident Krone were easy to take advantage.

Rendezvous in the night

Sister Krone told the children as a sign of trust if they visit sister Krone’s room in the night she will answer any question. Emma and Norman visited sister Krone in the night. Sister Krone asked what they want to know, Norman ask about the receiver that showing the places of the transmitter. Krone were surprised the children already knew about it and show the pocket watch, but Norman said he know the receiver but don’t know where the transmitter and how to destroy it. Sister krone teach the place of the transmitter but she did not know how to destroy it. According to sister Krone if the transmitter were destroyed the demon will notice and suggested to cut off and give the key to the infirmary. Sister Krone asked for next question to change the topic.

Emma asked sister Krone’s age and she answer its 26 years old and Mama Isabella were 31. Sister Krone also from the orphanage and did not know much about the outer world but there is some people working for the demon having a fair relationship, suggested if they wanted to survive outer world they will need to blend in to those people working for the demons. And lastly Norman asked for the security around the orphanage, sister Krone answer there are almost no demon patrolling and they are totally relying to the transmitter. After the question the two is about to head back to their room and suddenly.

Sister Krone laugh and she notice that even she teach the place of the transmitter they did not even check their ears, and she suspected that the children questioned about that even they already know about it. Sister Krone were observing the expressions of the children the whole time and asked the question if they know about the “person”. Judging from the face of the two sister Krone followed that they don’t know about, and if they want to know came again and she will tell next time.

Sister Krone found the Evidence

While Emma and Norman meeting sister Krone, Rei receiving the reward being a spy. Rei rejoice receive the camera and seeing Rei rejoice Mama did not suspect and sent Rei back to the room. In the next day the children planning to scout outside the wall. And according to the plan of Rei he will distract Mama and Emma and Norman will scout. Don and Gilda will giving a signal if Rei did not able to destruct Mama. About the machine that will destroy the transmitter, Rei receive the last piece and it was the camera. Rei said he can destroy the transmitter anytime. While that Sister Krone were suspecting why the children lying about the transmitter and came up there is some evidence of thing that destroy the transmitter and searching the children’s room.

But Rei predicted sister Krone will looking for clues he leave some note, and sister Krone found rejoice and head back to her room. If she reported this memo to the upper class she can take down Mama but Mama Isabella came to her room with a knife on her hand. Sister Krone afraid she will be killed but Mama handed a letter and ask to check the content. Sister Krone tremble with its content and mama whisper its farewell to sister Krone.